Six Week Challenge: Setting goals and sticking to them.

We all have numerous goals we want to achieve in our life, some big and some small. It can sometimes get overwhelming when we think about everything we want to accomplish. So why not break these goals down into smaller attainable goals that can be accomplished in six weeks. This is why I am following Nerd Fitness in their six week challenge.

This challenge consists of setting realistic goals you want to achieve within the next six weeks and holding yourself accountable. You choose no more then three health and fitness goals and one “level up life goal”. A level up life goal is something you want to achieve that is unrelated to health and fitness. For example, my goals for the next six weeks are: go to the gym at least four days a week, attend one fitness class a week, run a 5K, and complete the first unit in the online course I am currently enrolled in.

I took the challenge one step further by creating charts for both Dylan and I to keep track of our progress. I took our goals and broke them down into weekly and overall. Each time we complete a goal we check off the corresponding box. I placed these charts somewhere we would see them everyday: the fridge. I also placed a pen on the chart so there was no excuse for us not keeping track of everything. Placing the charts in such a public area helps us remain accountable to the goals we’ve set. I can see if Dylan isn’t keeping up with his goals and he can see if I’m not keeping up with mine. This way we are not only accountable for ourselves but each other.


The main thing to remember is to set goals that are attainable. Don’t set a goal of losing 50 lbs, running a marathon when you’ve never run before, or something outlandish, when you know realistically it probably wont happen. Figure out what you want to accomplish in six weeks, write it down, and most importantly stick to it! The only person you hurt by not sticking to your goals is yourself. For more information on the Nerd Fitness six week challenge click here.


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