My Story

My name is Jennifer and I am twenty-five years old. I have struggled with my weight since the age of twelve and it has been a constant uphill battle. I have been on numerous fad diets throughout my life including the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, and the Dr. Bernstein diet but nothing seemed to stick. But that is all about to change! Through this blog I will share my entire journey. The positive and the negative. I will share recipes, workout plans, and hopefully help motivate a few of you to get active as well. It really is as simple as eating well and exercise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy things along the way!

How it started:

In January 2013, my fiancé and I had gotten into a rut. We were unhappy and constantly fighting about the silliest things. One day after a particularly draining fight we decided to sit down and really talk it out. We came to realize that we were not unhappy with each other, we were unhappy with ourselves. We had been together for just under two and half years and we had both put on about forty-five pounds each. We were living sedentary lives. We barely went outside and when we did it was either to go to work or pick up fast food. On a regular basis we would go to the corner store and pick up two chocolate bars each, a bag of chips, pop, and a family size bag of candy. Keep in mind that we had usually eaten McDonald’s, Burger King, or Wendy’s just prior to that. We would mindlessly gorge ourselves and never think about the consequences. We both came to the realization that things needed to change and they needed to change immediately.

Ditching the Car:

This was the hardest and best decision we have ever made. We live in a city where public transportation is right outside our doorstep and we very rarely utilized that. We would regularly hop in the car and drive places that we could easily walk to. The car was helping us lead a sedentary lifestyle and we needed to change that. On January 9, 2013 we cancelled our car insurance and parked the car at my parents place. There have been numerous positive changes that have happened since we ditched the car. We have saved a ton of money and we walk everywhere now, which surprisingly I love! It has been a major contributor to us leading healthier lifestyles. I am sure at some point we will decided to get the car back but I don’t see that happening in the near future.

Eating Healthy:

We have decided we are not going to go on any fad diet. We are not going to cut out carbs, red meats, cheeses, or anything else for that matter. We are counting calories and holding ourselves accountable for everything we put into our body. Sure we might have some dark chocolate every now again or indulge in a treat but we make sure it is within reason. We have modified all of our favourite foods to make them healthy. It is not about going on a diet for a few months, it is about changing the way you think about food.

What I Hope to Accomplish:

I hope that someone will read my blog and become motivated to make a change in their life…or at least enjoy a recipe I post! You can be sure that I will be posting about anything and everything that has to do with me getting healthier. I know that it is not easy but as they always say, the best things in life are never easy!


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