Couch to 5K…I hope!

One thing I have never been good at is running. Even as a kid I would be the one at the very back of the pack usually just walking around the track. The only time I would ever run was to catch the ice cream truck and even then it was more of a brisk walk then a run. So of course I did the most logical thing ever…I signed up for a 5K. On June 22 I will be taking part in the Color Me Rad 5K in Toronto and there is no time like the present to start training! I figured my best course of action is to look into something that would ease me into running. This is way I have chosen to follow the Couch to 5K plan.

Couch to 5K is a nine week program that you do three times a week. It combines walking and running short distances for appropriately twenty to thirty minutes and eventually builds up to running a 5K or thirty minutes non-stop. Your first week is jogging for sixty seconds followed by walking for ninety seconds for a total of twenty minutes. Your second week is jogging for ninety seconds followed by two minutes of walking for a total of twenty minutes. The plan continues on like that for nine weeks.

A few months ago I attempted the Couch to 5K plan but only made it to week four before my motivation fizzled. I had gotten a gym membership and decided I would rather spend my time on the elliptical then running. Big mistake. My fiancé continued the plan when I stopped and is now in the last week of the program. I am definitely jealous! Seeing the progress he has made in just nine weeks is amazing. He went from being tired after running a few minutes to doing a 5K in just under thirty minutes.

Even though Couch to 5K is meant for beginners it isn’t always easy. Switching weeks can be challenging and might make you want to quit but you have to push through it. That is something I wasn’t able to do the first time around. You have to remember this program is about going at your own pace and building momentum gradually. First worry about running the distance and then work on your speed.

Couch to 5K is a great program for any first time runners or anyone looking to get back into running. Though I may be nervous to start this plan again, I am also excited and cannot wait to run my 5K in June! For more information on Couch to 5K  and to get the full program click here.